6 Best Must-Visit Restaurants in Big Sky

6 Best Must-Visit Restaurants in Big Sky

Big Sky is known for its stunning mountain views, close proximity to nature, and world-class skiing—just to name a few. Located just a short drive from Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky is one of the nation’s best towns to take in the beauty of one of America’s most forested states. With such a vast range of alpine activities for you and your family to enjoy while in town, be sure to check out some of these local restaurants in Big Sky to savor in between adventures.

Horn & Cantle

750 Lone Mountain Ranch Rd, Big Sky, MT 59716

At Horn & Cantle, you will experience the best of the best. With a a deep commitment to locally sourced, farm-to-table menus you get true look at Montana heritage. Whether you join us at Big Sky’s favorite Horn & Cantle Restaurant, The Saloon, or on one of our signature experiences, you’ll find a mix of on-the-range classics just of the beaten path.

Michaelangelo’s Big Sky

1554 Center Ln, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730

As one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the Big Sky area, Michelangelo’s Big Sky offers some of the best Italian food in town as well as a beautiful, atmospheric dining room to make for one of the most loved restaurants in the area. Originally opened by Chef Michael Annandono in Cleveland after studying Italian cuisine on a culinary tour of the country, Annandono opened a second location in Big Sky after falling in love with its charm and nature. The restaurant is known for its classic Italian food, offering a variety of pasta, risottos, meat dishes, and, most notably, a selection of some of the finest wines in town.

Mi Pueblito Taco Bus

1567 Lone Mountain Trail, Big Sky, MT 59716

If you’re interested in something a bit more casual, Mi Pueblito Taco Bus is another local favorite you will have to check out. The Taco Bus offers Mexican street food as authentic as you’ll find anywhere in the countryside. This is the perfect place to stop with friends or family after a long day of skiing or hiking to enjoy the homegrown flavors of Mexico while taking in the beauty of the local environment in the outdoor dining area. Mi Pueblito Taco Bus always uses the freshest ingredients and makes all of its food with a level of authenticity and care that will make it feel like comfort food for anyone. Some of their most popular dishes include Mexican staples like tacos, tamales, and their specialty: the “super burrito.”

Blue Buddha

99 Town Center Ave Unit A5, Big Sky, MT 59716

Blue Buddha offers one of the most unique dining experiences in Moonlight Basin. A true traditional Japanese sushi house, Blue Buddha promises all of the sushi classics made with the highest quality fish and prepared by some of the best sushi chefs in the area. If you’re interested in an adventurous dining experience, the Cherry Blossom Omakase Room makes for a fun and unique experience. “Omakase” translates to “I’ll leave it up to you” and means that you’ll be relinquishing your dining choices to the chef, who will prepare a series of dishes for you based on seasonal specialties and professional expertise. If you’re looking for something even more unique, be sure to check out The Drunken Monk, Blue Buddha’s in-house cross between a “Japanese bodega” and a “trendy, high-end cocktail bar.” The restaurant also offers a game room and lounge for those looking for a relaxing experience as well as a full-service bar. Blue Buddha’s wide range of dining options and unique experiences make it a must-visit for anyone looking for restaurants in Moonlight Basin.

The Cabin Bar & Grill

Mountain Vlg #3, Big Sky, MT 59716

If you’re looking for a dining experience that captures the essence of small-town Montana and country living, look no further than The Cabin Bar & Grill. This local favorite offers a casual dining experience with a homey atmosphere and country-style food made with fresh local ingredients. If you’re visiting Big Sky and are looking for a taste of some of the “gamey” meats that are difficult to find in the city, some of The Cabin’s most popular dishes include a Bison Tenderloin with a Wild Mushroom Demi Glaze, an Elk Tenderloin with a Blackberry Port Wine Sauce, and Pan Fried Pheasant Breast with a White Wine Sauce. The Cabin Bar & Grill is among the best places to get a taste of the local flavor of Big Sky and enjoy the culinary world of Montana and the American countryside.

The Montana Dinner Yurt

50 Big Sky Resort Rd, Big Sky, MT 59716

The Montana Dinner Yurt offers one of the most unique dining experiences you’ll find in all of Montana. For those who don’t know, a yurt is a large tent, and this one is located deep in the woods of Lone Peak at the Big Sky Resort. Guests will meet at the resort before catching a ride up the mountain. What follows is a beautiful evening of gourmet food, a cozy atmosphere, star-gazing, and much more. The Montana Dinner Yurt offers the opportunity to enjoy a world-class meal while embracing the wonder of the great outdoors of Montana. If you plan on spending time in Moonlight Basin or Big Sky, an evening in the Montana Dinner Yurt will make for an unforgettable experience. Just be sure to reserve your spot well in advance; space in the yurt is limited and always in high demand.

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