Your 7-day Summer Itinerary in Big Sky

Your 7-day Summer Itinerary in Big Sky

Here is a jam-packed 7-day itinerary to get the most out of your visit.

Most people come visit Big Sky in the winter and their days are full with skiing, but we know that summer is the best time to experience all Big Sky has to offer. With sunshine, stunning scenery, and endless opportunities for adventure, Big Sky in the Summer is the perfect place to get outside, relax, and recharge.

First, on your Big Sky summer itinerary you have to get here on a Monday or Tuesday. Why? Because to experience Big Sky like we do, you can’t miss:

  • Tuesday Lone Mountain Ranch Tuesday Rodeos
  •  Wednesday Farmers market
  • Thursdays Music in the Mountains

But these events start around 5pm, so you still have ALL day to do some of our favorites including: Golfing, Fishing, Biking, Yellowstone, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Zip Lining, Rafting, and More.  ** Most of these activities are family friendly, however you may need to adjust based on activity level of kids. 

You wanted adventure in Big Sky Right?

Overview of your Big Sky Itinerary:

Be sure you BOOK in advanced as space is limited for every activity here.






Get to Big Sky

Patio Lunch

Lone Mountain Ranch
Tuesday Night Rodeo


Breakfast on the go
(Hungry Moose) 


Farmer’s Market


Caliber /  Blue Moon


Music in the Mountains


Caliber / Blue Moon
/ Cowboy Coffee

Horseback / Golf

Relaxing Dinner
(Horn and Cantle, Blue Buddha, Cortina, Olive B’s, Bucks T-4, Lone Mountain Ranch) 


Breakfast Cafe 191

Wrap Shack + Hike Lava Lake OR UTV

Riverhouse + Live Music


Brunch at Cortina 

Golf OR Fishing 

320 Ranch Dinner + Live Music 


Week Favorite

Hike OR Big Sky Resort
OR Bike + Beehive

Dinner in town


Week Favorite

Drive to Bozeman



7-day Summer Itinerary in Big Sky

Tuesday: Arrive in Big Sky

  • 8am - 11am
    • Fly into Bozeman Airport
    • Rent a car or schedule a shuttle to your hotel 
    • Stop to get your supplies for the week. Big Sky is 1-hour away from the “Big City” so stop now to get a few things. Here are our recommendations: 
      • Sunscreen
      • Water
      • Snacks
      • Any little travel things you may have forgotten at home (charges, headphones, etc.) 

  • 12/1pm - Head to our favorite lunch spots: 
    • After lunch, head back to your hotel, get some water, change into your rodeo attire, put on some sunscreen, and get ready to head to Lone Mountain Ranch.

  • 5pm - 10pm

Wednesday: Visit Yellowstone 

  • 6/7am
    • Stop into The Hungary Moose to grab coffee (we recommend Caliber if you don’t leave until after 7am) and lunch for the day. There are some amazing picnic spots so be sure to bring goodies. You want as much time as possible in the park, so make sure you grab enough for the day. 
  • 9am - Get to Yellowstone
    • Get to Yellowstone EARLY and BEFORE the weekend to avoid some of the crowds.
    • There are SO many ways to see Yellowstone, you can’t really go wrong. But we do recommend going with Big Sky Adventure Tours to ensure you do it right. 
  • 4/5pm get back to Big Sky 
    • Depending on the trip you choose the earliest you will get back is 4pm, just in time for the farmers market! Stop at your hotel, get changed, and head into town! 
  • 5pm Farmers Market Starts 
    • Live music, good food, local gifts, and plenty of people to chat with, you’ll be busy from 5-8pm. 
    • This is the best shopping opportunity of the week as all the local places will be open.  

Thursday: Raft the Gallatin River

  • 8am - 9 am
    • Get fueled up with our local coffee, Caliber Coffee Roasters. Get here early because it’s a local favorite that fills up fast! 
  • 9am - Get on the River! 
    • Rafting is a MUST on your trip here! We recommend Geyser Whitewater Expeditions because of the number of choices for adventures.
    • You can choose from a variety of trips (full-day, half-day, relaxing, adventurous, etc) that fit you and your families needs. You should go on the early trip so you can get back for Music in the Mountains, you beat the afternoon storms, and you can get more into your day!
    • Don’t forget to bring: Sunscreen (we sit roughly 6,500ft. Above sea level, you need it) Water, Snacks (full-day trips have a lunch, but you want to keep yourself fueled up!)

  • *1pm (if you do a half-day) or 3pm for a full day 
    • Stop and get lunch. Don’t fill up too much, the Music in the Mountains has some great local options for dinner, snacks, and more. 
  • Take a beat to get ready for a night of outdoor music and family fun. Bring a blanket to sit on, WATER, sunscreen, and get ready for a relaxing time in the park.

  • 6pm Music in the Mountains
    • If you can, walk from where you are staying because the roads around the park are closed or busy. 

Friday: Golf or Horse-back Riding 

  • 8am - 9 am
  • 10am - Golf
    • If you love golf as much as we do, be sure to get on the course early so you can get it all in.
    • Book your tee time at the Public Big Sky Golf Course here. 
    • Heads up, we have three private courses and if you ask, we might be able to get you on them. 
  • *4pm - Get back to your hotel
    • Take a shower and get ready for dinner.

Saturday: Hike or UTV 

  • 11:30am - Hike Lava Lake 
    • Stop at Wrap Shack and grab your picnic for the hike. 
    • Head to Lava Lake (6 mile out and back hike) 
      • WATER
      • Lunch & snacks
      • Good shoes
      • Bear Spray 
      • Sunscreen
      • Towel (If you plan to jump in)
  • 11am - UTV 
    • Grab a side-by-side from Summit ATR  and head up Buck's Ridge for some amazing views, and all-terrain fun. 
  • 4pm - Get back to your hotel
    • Take a shower and get ready for dinner.
  • 6pm - River House dinner + live music
    • Great views of the Gallatin River and a local favorite. 
    • Enjoy live music, BBQ, and a warm fire. 

Sunday: Golf or Hike

Sunday’s in Big Sky are quiet. We like to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the outdoors. Be prepared for a quiet day where most things are closed.  

  • 3pm - Grab lunch, drinks, and enjoy the views at the Bunker Bar


Keep the adventure going and get an early start. Stop and grab a quick breakfast before getting out on the river.

Monday: Visit Big Sky Resort 

  •  9 am
    • Breakfast at suggested before (maybe visit a favorite from the week).
Option #1 
  • 10am - Hike
    • Ousel Falls AND/OR Uplands
    • Remember to bring:  
      • WATER
      • Lunch & snacks
      • Good shoes
      • Bear Spray 
      • Sunscreen
Options #2
  • 10am Visit Big Sky Resort for some:
    • Scenic Chair lift
    • Zip line 
    • Adventure mountain (great for kids)
    • Down-hill biking! 
  • *2/4pm Grab some snacks and head to Beehive Basin Brewery for a beer. 
    • Beehive Basin allows for outside food, so grab some snacks (Hungry Moose, Blue Moon, Sweet Buns, Caliber, Cowboys, etc.) and head over for a nice, local beer. 

Tuesday: Travel Day

Thanks for coming to Big Sky! We hope you got an adventure-packed trip and now you can go home and recover from your vacation. 

If you want help with what to do and what to see, give us a call, we are happy to chat about how to get the most of your Big Sky Vacation.

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